Advice for people with Oily Skin

Top Tips on how to control your shiny skin throughout the day as well as skin care advice for taking care of your oily skin!


Does Pound Land Makeup Actually Work?

Whilst browsing Pound Land for some snacks to sneak in to the cinema – I know, I live life on the edge! – I decided to pick up some items from Pound Lands own makeup brand called ‘Makeup Gallery’ which was released back in 2014. I hadn’t tried any items from this collection before because I…

How I Store my Beauty Bits & Bobs

I have a mirrored wall cabinet that I got from the fantabulous store called IKEA. It is actually meant for bathrooms but I got creative and decided to place it in my bedroom instead to keep all of my cleansing & makeup products together.

January Favourites

The first month of 2016 is almost over, it feels like it was Christmas yesterday, whattt!? Before I know it, I am going to be sitting my end of year 12 AS exams…okay, okay, lets not think about that! Here are the things I’ve been loving in January:

bareMinerals Blemish Rememdy Review

I purchased the bareMinerals Blemish Remedy foundation at the end of the summer holidays (in 2015), just before back to school. During the summer, I had started my first proper job and had been working full time so I had saved quite a bit of money. Therefore, I started searching for products that were a bit…

My Deep Clean Face Routine for Oily & Blemish Prone Skin

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a machine that could suck up all of the impurities in your skin leaving you with a clear beautiful glow!? If only! Sadly, such a thing doesn’t exist (to my knowledge anyways) and so – as someone who has very oily and spot prone skin – I am constantly trying…

My Skin Care Routine For Oily / Blemish Prone Skin

My skin type is oily which can be a pain in the ass because I get quite a few spots. However it has its advantages, for example my wrinkles will apparently come later than they would if I had normal/dry skin – Wahoo! But, spots aren’t the best things in the world and I do all I…