A Week in the USA!

Those of you who follow me on Instagram (kristyhart_x) would know that I recently went to America. This wasn’t a family holiday, in fact it was a one week stay in the US organised by the Sutton Trust US programme. This is a social mobility programme that basically gives young people from public schools the information and guidance needed for applying to US colleges. The most recent part of this fantastic programme was the one week trip to the US. I stayed in MIT’s (Massachusetts Institute of Technology – which is located in Boston) accommodation and visited lots of the top universities in the world including: MIT, Harvard, Dartmouth, Bates, Wellesley & Smith. All of the universities looked amazing and I kinda fell in love with the idea that you don’t have to study one subject for all your 4 years, you can major and minor. Also, you don’t have to have decided what you want to study already as you just apply to the university as a whole and not a specific subject at that university (which is what you have to do in the UK. Because I’m really unsure about what I want to study, the US sounds like the perfect path but this all depends on whether I get the grades and impress the universities when I apply, so I’m not getting my hopes too high!
















During my visit to the US I went on a duck tour which is was a tour of Boston on this vehicle which I believe was used in WWII; it can go on land but then when it hits the water it turns in to a boat which is so cool – plus the tour guide was so funny! I also went on the Boston freedom trail which was really interesting learning about the different buildings but it killed my feet ahh. In the UK we have the Tube which is the underground train but in the US it’s called the ‘T’ and it’s so much wider than the UK version so there is loads more space. On the second night of the visit I attended the Bank of America Meryl Lynch Reception (as the Bank of America are big sponsors of the programme) and this was a chance to “network” with the important people there – which was very scary to begin with. It was held on the 36th floor of a really tall building so the view was amazing, especially when the sun was setting! One evening we got to visit the Quincy Market which is a really big building filled with LOADS of different food stalls, ranging from delicious pizza’s to pasta, from intricately decorated cakes to chocolate covered apples, from skyscraper size ice-creams to healthy fruit smoothies. Literally anything you could wish for was all under this one roof. Needless to say, we all had a lot of difficulty deciding what to go for! We also got to visit the ‘Mall’, as the Americans call it, which was so much fun looking at all of the American shops which you can’t get here in the UK; I especially loved Target as they had some really cute stationary.

Overall it was one of the most inspiring weeks of my life, seeing such incredible institutions and spending time getting to know so many amazing people!

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Kristy X

PS: All of these photo’s were taken by me so please don’t use them without my permission – thanks



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