Primark Haul



This olive green shoulderless top would look really nice with some black skinny jeans or some denim shorts and some suede sandals. This top was £5 and I got it in a size 20 even though I am usually a size 6/8 just because it was meant to be crop and tight and I don’t like crop tops so this size covers my stomach and it’s surprisingly not baggy- it fits me perfectly!


This top is really thin and light so I thought it would be great in summer when it’s a little bit chilly and I want my arms covered. This would look fab with some ripped jeans or tucked in to some shorts with some converse and it was reduced from £6 to £3 – Bargainnnn!


You can’t have too many stripy t-shirts, am I right? I also got this one in a larger size than I would normal for the same reasons (didn’t want it cropped or figure hugging). The material feels really soft and I just really like the look of this top, and it cost only £5! I would probably wear this with some dungarees or some shorts.


I know it is super duper creased but I think this sporty-vibe top is really cool and it’s kind of vintage looking. It would look perfect tucked in to some ripped denim shorts with some burgundy converse. I love the combination of the mustard sleeves and the burgundy writing – and of course I loveeee the fact it has Mickey Mouse on it. Disney Fan over here!


This is a really simple plain long t-shirt and I picked it up in this dark green colour and also in a dark blue – they were £6 and were reduced to £3. I thought I’d pick these up because they were so cheap and I would use them as an extra layer to throw on and tuck in some jeans/shorts during the colder summer days.


These pyjama shorts are so so CUTE! When we had a couple of hot days recently I basically lived in these when I was in my house because it was just too hot to put on trousers. I think they were about £5??


These navy suede shoes are adorable and I love the gold accents and the tassles. The only thing I don’t like about these is that when I walk the metal bit on the tassles clank together and make an annoying sound with every step ahhh. But that’s not going to put me off wearing them because they are too pretty but If anyone has any idea how to stop the clanking I’d love to know! I can’t remember how much these were, but £8 comes to mind.


Mint green is one of my absolute fave colours and scream summer to me – these sun glasses are really vintage looking and were about £2 and came with a matching case. LOVE ‘EM! The rose gold necklace was about £2 and looks really nice over a plain white t-shirt (I think this would be great for festivals)


This duffle bag (I think that’s what it’s called..) was in the sale: It was £10 and was reduced to £5! It a really nice size – its not too big but it’s big enough to fit everything you need in it – and because it’s black it will go with pretty much everything.


BABY BLUE – wahooo! The paper clips were £1.50 and look really cute on my desk 🙂 The speaker in the top right corner (£8 I think?) is for the bathroom so you can connect your phone to it via blue tooth and then sing your heart out in the shower! It really good because it you can pause and play the songs using the buttons on the speaker as well as answer phone calls. The speaker on the bottom is a baton speaker (about £15) and you connect your phone in the same way and I have this on my desk (yep it matches my paper clips). The speakers are actually really good quality sound which I didn’t expect because they are from Primark.img_3100-1

How ‘sweet’ is this watermelon cup!? It was only £3 and it screams SUMMMMERRRR!! If you didn’t see my blog post for DIY WATERMELON & LIME SLUSH then click here! (It’s delicious)

So there you are, that’s everything I have picked up over the last couple of months from Primark

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Kristy X






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  1. Everything is so nice! Especially the shoes and sunglasses! Great haul ☺️ X

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    1. kristyhart says:

      Thank you ☺️☺️ X

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