Nail Polish Storage

A girl can’t have too many nail varnishes, can she? We need a colour to match every mood/season/outfit. My collection isn’t very big (mainly because I usually use my mom’s more expensive ones) but I’m keen to grow it.

I used to keep them in those cute IKEA pots you see all over Instagram but I found it difficult and awkward to get the nail varnish out that I wanted and found myself having to empty all of its contents to see what colours I had to choose from.

So instead I now keep them in a large box. It is a Roland Cartier shoe box that my prom shoes came in – but that doesn’t really matter as any box will do!

I placed a smaller box inside the larger box and in this one I placed all of my nail varnishes with their living facing down and their bottoms facing up so that I can easily see the range of colours.

Also, I used a circular lid/tray (it was the lid of a cotton buds container) to keep my smaller OPI nail varnishes together.

Finally, I placed my nail art pens and my travel manicure in the rest of the larger box.

Enjoy the rest of your day!

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I would love to know how you store your nail varnishes – comment below 💜

Kristy x


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  1. K says:

    Hi, I keep mine in nail varnish stands. They have 6 shelves. I brought mine of eBay and you can get various sizes x


    1. kristyhart says:

      Ooh that sounds great! When my nail varnish collection grows I think I might purchase some of those. Thanks for sharing with me 🙂 X

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