My Christmas Wish List

Who is excited for christmas!? MEEE!

My Mom has been on my back since September nagging me for my christmas list as she likes to sort everything out as early as possible. To her annoyance, I only decided what I wanted  a couple of days ago – after surfing the web for what felt like forever! Also, I would like to add that I do not expect to get all of these things, but a girl can dream. Seeing as I’m a December baby I decided to combine my birthday & christmas wishlists to share with you guys to give you some ideas if you are stuggling like I was:  

  1. Soap and glory set – I’ve never used any of soap and glory’s products but everyone raves about them so they must be good!🛀🏻
  2. Urban decay De slick Makeup setting spray  – This particular makeup setting spray is for oily skin. You spray some before applying your makeup to control oil production and after putting your makeup on to set it and to get rid of any shine💞
  3. ‘You look lovely today’ pouch– How cute is this!? This complementing pouch would be great for storing makeup brushes or keeping you profits together🙈
  4. Alien perfume – this smells gorgeous!👽
  5. Ester Lauder double wear foundation –  Soo many bloggers rate this products so I thought I’d put it on my Christmas list as it costs a bit more than I usually spend in my foundation😄
  6. Clinique oil blotting powder (translucent) – this is great for brushing over your face as often as you need throughout the day to tackle shine😏
  7. Star shine earrings – I always forget to put my earring in as I have to take them out for work so my holes always close up. So if I have a nice pair hopefully I will remember to put them in💫
  8. Joe and Caspar Hit The Road – Joe and Caspar are without a doubt my favourite Youtubers at the moment. They are both so funny and I can’t wait to see their film!😎
  9. GHD V Gold Max Styler – GHD’s are one of the top brands of hair straighteners and some of my friends have them and have mentioned how good they are. The Max styler ones have larger plates than normal to help speed up the process of straightening thick hair (which I have)😻
  10. Fiorelli Purse – I have loads of points cards from different shops so this large purse contains plenty of card holders to fill my needs💁🏻
  11. Real techniques core collection – who doesnt love new makeup brushes 😭
  12. Clinique dramatically different moisturising gel – this is targeted at people wih oily skin and it has really high ratings so I can’t wait to try it (if i don’t get it for christmas I will defo be buying a bottle myself)☺️
  13. Clinique take the day off cleansing balm – This solid balm transforms in to a silky oil when applied to the skin. It effortlessly dissolves stubborn makeup and is suitable for all skin types (including oily). Afterwards you simply wash off with water👀

I hope you found my wishlist somewhat interesting & useful🎁

Speak to you soon,

Kristy x


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