Tips for Organising School Work

I know how easy it is to let school work get on top of you and how easy it is to leave it all until the last minute resulting in high levels of stress which no one enjoys. Therefore, I have compiled my top 4 tips to help you – and to help me as I’m guilty of procrastinating too haha:

1. Schedule

I recently purchased a revision pad from Sighh and other than the fact that it is really cute, it’s also very useful. Basically, it’s split in to hourly time slots so you can write wIMG_0060-0hat you want to achieve in each slot and then there is a tick box for once you have done it. There are faint motivational messages dotted around the schedule such as: ‘Keep a it’ and ‘There is time’ to remind you not to give up. My favourite part of the schedule is that there is a section labelled ‘Still Crap At:’ – at the end of the week I will fill in this box with topics throughout my subjects that I’m struggling with to remind myself to go over them again the next week. Furthermore, it also encourages you to have a weekend treat which motivates you even more to get the work done so you can reward yourself at the end of it all (having time to relax and socialise with your friends is very very important).
2. Declutter
It is really important that the area you are working in is spacious and organised. If there are piles of loose papers everywhere and the majority of the space is covered in clutter then it will demotivate you to work. Instead, a clean, clear and attractive work space is vital in encouraging you to work and to help you feel more relaxed whilst doing so. I plan on sparing about 5 minutes to quickly tidy and declutter my room each day to hopefully prevent papers piling up and my carpet becoming undistinguishable under layers of clothes and rubbish. Make sure you have a bin or even just a plastic bag nearby when working so you can quickly and easily declutter your desk of scrap pieces of paper and pencil sharpening’s.
3. Don’t Procrastinate
I am an expert in procrastinating. I did it sooo much during my GCSE exam period – I know how easy it is to distract yourself from what’s really important (such as revision) by doing pointless tasks that you try to tell yourself are important but in reality you know they aren’t. If you keep putting off doing the important things they will keep piling up on top of each other until you have a long list of things to do and little time to do them in. In addition, I’m one of those people who leave their homework until the very last minute (hopefully not for much longer though!), but the fact is: the sooner you get things the done the easier it will be; for those of you who are in school, if you do your homework the night it has been set then the work will be fresh in your mind and you will find the task MUCH EASIER to complete than if you left it for a week (by that time you will have to rack your brain for the memory of that particular lesson).
4) Balance Work and Fun
I can’t stress enough how important it is to make sure you have plenty of time to let off some steam, de-stress and spend time with friends and family. If you don’t make time for these then you will overwork yourself and you will constantly feel stressed and tired. Consequently, you will find it much more difficult to concentrate in class and at home; you will have to put in more effort in everything you do so you will just make things harder for yourself and get the same/worse results as you would do if you added some fun to your schedule.
I advise setting yourself a certain time each school night to stop doing work and to just have some well deserved You Time! Also, remember the weekends are there for a reason! We need a break from work and although I’m not saying you should do no work whatsoever over the weekend, what I am saying is don’t set yourself more than you can handle and please use your weekends to get out of the house and enjoy yourself.
I know what you’re thinking… “it’s easier said than done”, but if you really want to be organised and do well in your subjects then these are key steps in to doing so. They aren’t impossible and to begin with it will be a bit of a challenge to stick to them but soon it will be natural and you will find yourself feeling more productive, and less stressed about your school work/exams.
I hope you found my tips and advice useful and please like/comment on this post if you did to let me know 🙂
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Kristy x

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