My Deep Clean Face Routine for Oily & Blemish Prone Skin

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a machine that could suck up all of the impurities in your skin leaving you with a clear beautiful glow!? If only! Sadly, such a thing doesn’t exist (to my knowledge anyways) and so – as someone who has very oily and spot prone skin – I am constantly trying new products to help improve my skin as it is something I’m very conscious about.


IMG_6014-0About 2 times a week I like to deeply cleanse my face. Currently, I start of with the Proactive+ facial cleanser. After splashing warm water on my face to open up my pores I squeeze a blob (about the size of a 2 pence coin) on to my hand and massage it into my  face using upward circular motions to help the blood circulation.

Afterwards, I remove the cleanser using warm water again and then apply a Superdrug’s own braIMG_6015nd nose strip on to a slightly damp nose. After 10 minutes I carefully remove it and I’m quite happy with the results each time: you can see how effective the strip has been by looking at the specs of dirt on it – it actually works! It doesn’t remove them all at once, but I’m sure that after regular use the amount of blackheads will be dramatically reduced. I’m already seeing positive results so I’m going to continue using them. Anddd… They are really really cheap! Only a few pounds for a pack of five and if you get them when they are on offer (like I did) they cost barely anything!

IMG_6012I then apply a face mask and the mask I use depends simply IMG_6013on which one is taking my fancy. One of the masks I use is the Superdrug’s own brand Witch Hazel mud mask which is made for people with oily and blemish-prone skin. This mask contains Witch Hazel & Salicylic Acid which are great ingredients for targeting spots and blemishes. Also, the Dead Sea Mud absorbs excess oil for a more radiant and clearer complexion.

The other mask I use is the Sanctuary Spa 5 minute thermal detox mask: this is a self-heating mask which uses warmth to open up pores and the charcoal and kaolin clay help draw out the impurities. The mask aids in the balancing of oil levels and leaves it feeling super soft and purified. its like being at a spa when wearing this lush mask due to the warming properties and the way it makes your skin feel squeaky clean!

If you want to see how I cleanse my skin every other day then check out: My skin care routine for oily / blemish prone skin blog post

I hope you found this post useful!

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Kristy x


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