Autumn / Fall DIY Decorations

“Sweaters. Boots. Bonfires. Fall. Leaves. Scarves. Hot Chocolate. Cuddling. Jeans. Pumpkins. Tea. Hoodies. Crispy air. Late nights.”

Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons of the year as there is soo much to look forward to: Bonfire Night, Halloween, Christmas and New years eve. Also, once his time of the year arrives it becomes acceptable to bury yourself in blankets and watch films all day whilst stuffing your face with chocolates and endlessly sipping hot chocolate (with LOTS & LOTS of whipped cream!)

I decided to make a few fall themed items to spice my room up a bit…

Processed with Moldiv

DIY Candle Holder

  1. I gathered a bunch of sticks during a dog walk and then snap them down to a suitable size.
  2. Cover the surface you are going to be working on with newspaper
  3. Place one of the sticks on to the glass jar to get an idea of where you need to put the glue
  4. Using a hot glue gun, squeeze a strip of glue on to the edge of the stick (Adult Supervision is advised)
  5. Then, place the stick on to the jar and press it to secure the stick on to the jar
  6. Repeat these steps until your jar is covered in the sticks (You can either space the sticks out a bit to allow more of the candlelight to shine through or place the sticks tightly packed)
  7. Add a candle and Viola! (I used a couple of electronic candles)



The light from the candles creates a very cosy glow in between the sticks – it’s very tumblr and instagram worthy.

This candle holder would look cute on your desk, fireplace or bedside table.

This diy can also be used as a vase 🙂

DIY Mouse Mat

  1. Select some autumnal images from google/pinterest etc.
  2. Create a collage using the images (there are lots of different collage creating apps and websites – I used the app ‘Moldiv’)
  3. Print of the collage
  4. Place the cork-board on to the back of the collage and draw around it
  5. Then cut out the shape
  6. Using glue, stick the collage on to the cork-board and leave it to dry



Your mouse will glide smoothly over your new mouse mat & the great thing about this diy is that you can change the pictures to match different seasons or use some of your personal photos!

Make sure you go and check out these girls Autumn themed blog posts too! Don’t forget to subscribe to them and to me if you enjoy reading my posts 🙂



xelliephantx – Her autumn themed post will be up soon! but check out some of her other posts for now:)

Thanks for reading,

Kristy x


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  1. I love your blog, your posts are beautiful! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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    1. kristyhart says:

      Thank you so much, that means a lot as I haven’t been blogging for that long and it’s nice to know people enjoy my posts💜
      That would be lovely! I’ve followed you too X


      1. Thank you, you are so sweet!

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