My School Bag Contents

Hiya, long time no see! I have been super busy with school & work recently so thanks for bearing with me. I hope you enjoy having a little nosy around inside my school bag


After searching longgg and hard for a suitable school bag that I not only liked but one that could hold everything I needed for sixth form, I finally chose this faux tan suede bag from River Island (£32). I was hesitant when buying this bag as I was worried that the rain (which makes an appearance most days here in England) might ruin it, however, after mulling over it for ages in the shop I decided to just get it because I loved it so much (I have been looking suede lots recently); I sprayed a water repellent spray on the outside of that bag that I use on my faux suede shoes and its worked a treat so far! Also, it has a long strap and a short strap which is very useful but so far I have only used the long strap. IMG_5682

In the inside of the bag I keep a my revision guides and a noteIMG_5683 pad which I use to write down notes during class. Then I insert the pieces of paper into the particular folder (WHSmith) for that subject; I also take a hole puncher to school for when I get given work sheets or printed work so that I can keep my folders neat and organised. As you know, it’s very important to keep hydrated for so many reasons, including to concentrate during lessons, so I always take my water bottle that I got for about £4 from Wilko’s – the nature design on this bottle is IMG_5685the cutest!

I began the school year with a fancy and stylish pencil case, but I only used it for the first few days before switching to this see through one; the reasons for this was that the first one took up lots of space in my bag and to all of the pens inside it weren’t necessary. I didn’t want to be carrying around unnecessary weight so I placed only the pens that I knew  I would get lots of use out of in to it. I can see all of my pens clearly which is great and it’s very thin so it fits nicely in to the pocket without making my bag bulge. Furthermore, seeing as my Alevel subjects are science’s and maths, a calculator is a must have – so in it goes! The last item I keep in the front pocket is a stack of revision cards which I use to revise from during my free periods (well, that’s what I’m sIMG_5678upposed to do; most of the time I end up eating and chatting to friends… but atleast the intention to revise is there 😉

At my sixth-form we have to wear a uniform which includes a blazor. In my blazor pockets I keep all my essentials and emergency items such as my oil blotting sheets which are my no.1 essential item as my skin can be very oily (If your skin is also oily and you want to know how I control and care for my oily skin check out my skin care routine for oily / blemish prone skin blog post once you have finished reading this one. I Additionally, I take lots of grips and clips to school just incase of hair emergencies (you will get many grateful friends by taking these to school); have you ever been in the situation where you’ve had something very flavorsome to eat at lunch/break and you are very conscious that your breath stinks? This has happened to me soo many times so I ALWAYS take a packet of polos or tictacs so that I can feel more confident after eating and not have to fret over my breath. I take a mini hand sanitiser so that I can cleanse my hands quickly before eating snacks or just to make myself feel refreshed after PE. Sadly, the weather is getting colder here in England – but that means that layers, sweaters, blankets, movie nights and christmas are just around the corner!! ahh! But as a result of the harsh weather my lips just like yours get dried very easily and although it’s very tempting just to like them, we know we shouldn’t, so a lipbalm is a must have to prevent your lips from becoming sore and cracked – I am currently using the blue babylips. Finally, my last item is a hand mirror which I got from Forever21 for a couple of pounds; I love love love the design on this so much! Not only does it look fabulous, its also great for checking your makeup/hair after pe or after going outside in the rain or to see if pen has miraculously appeared all over your face for no apparent reason (please tell me this has happened to you, it can’t just be me!?)

If you stuck with me until the end of this post a massive congratulations and a HUGE thank you as I know this post was quite wordy.

It was nice chatting with you,

See you soon,

Kristy x


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