My Skin Care Routine For Oily / Blemish Prone Skin

My skin type is oily which can be a pain in the ass because I get quite a few spots. However it has its advantages, for example my wrinkles will apparently come later than they would if I had normal/dry skin – Wahoo! But, spots aren’t the best things in the world and I do all I can to help clear my skin and prevent spots from appearing. Obviously, I still get spots but since using this routine my skin has become a lot clearer and looks healthier.IMG_5421

  1. Each morning I wipe my face and neck with some micellar water on a cotton pad & at the moment I’m using the Simple Kind To Skin Micellar Cleansing Water but I also use the Garnier Micellar Water too. I feel as though this makes my skin feel refreshed as well as clean. Also, I use this to remove my makeup at the end of the day.

2. I have a subscription for Proactiv+ which is a selection of products that are designed to help clear up blemishes and I get sent them every 3 months. I’ve been using these products for about a year and if I use them regularly my skin stays pretty clear but sometimes I have a few lazy days (its bad I know) and don’t bother using it. When I’m in the shower I apply the first step of the Proactiv+ routine: my Proactiv+ Skin Smoothing Exfoliator to my face, neck and chest. Once I’m out of the shower and my skin is dry I apply the second step: the Pore Targeting Treatment which is a facial cream and then once that has soaked in I apply step 3 which is the Complexion Perfecting Hydrator which is a moisturiser. It is very important to moisturise your skin even if you skin is oil because if you don’t then the skin works extra hard to produce the moisture hence producing MORE oil. All three of these products contain Salicylic acid which is a key spot fighting ingredient.

3. Every so often – when I have enough time and feel like pampering myself – I apply a face mask after step 1. I use the Beauty Formulas Glorious Mud Deep Cleansing Facial Mask which is a pure clay formula and helps to control excess oil and dirt as well as absorbing impurities and unclogging pores which is especially great for people with oily skin or who suffer from spots. I love applying this mask because it feels really nice when you apply it and once its removed my skin feels really clean, calm and all of the oil is gone.

4. In addition, another mask I use is the Garnier Pure Self-Heating Mask which is my favourite mask at the moment because it contains white clay and zinc which aid in the purification of pores. Not to mention, whenever I use this mask I feel as though I’m a a spa and my skin looks and feels SUPER CLEAN and I my skin stays shine free for a long while afterwards.

5. MOISTURISE. MOISTURISE. MOISTURISE. Its super important – Don’t forget it! I apply the Neautrogena Visibly Clear Oil-Free Moisturiser each morning before I apply my primer and makeup and each night before I go to bed. Due to the fact its oil free it helps my skin to look hydrated and smooth but also helps to make it clearer which is fantastic and I absolutely love this product!

6. Have you ever found yourself out and about and you brush your fingers over your face and you can just feel the oil and when you look in the mirror your face looks like polished brass – Super Shiny! It’s a nightmare – no one wants to look greasy so I recommend using blotting sheets. I use the Kleenex Shine Absorbing sheets. Basically, if you feel as though your skin is really oily you just dab your face with one of the sheets and it absorbs the excess oil without ruining your makeup. It’s a lifesaver and when you start using them you will wonder how you coped without them before.

7. ZAP & THE SPOT IS GONE! if only that was true… but this final product does help to calm spots down and make them look less red and angry. If you can feel a spot under the skin then you can apply the T-Zone Spot Zapping Gel to the area and it will help prevent the spot from rising to the surface. It’s not a miracle worker but it does help to rapidly calm spots and prevent breakouts. It contains: Tea Tree, Witch Hazel and Salicylic Acid which help to promote healthy looking skin. I apply this to my spots each night so the gel has enough time to work.

I hope you found this post interesting and useful if you have oily skin or get spots (even if only occasionally).

Kristy Hart x


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